The Next Generation Sonic Ratchet

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The Sonic NEXT Ratchet: A Fusion of Strength and Ergonomics

2020 marks a significant year for Sonic Tools as we unveil the much-anticipated Next Generation Ratchet. The Sonic NEXT ratchet is a pinnacle of ergonomic design and robust performance. Engineered for optimal user comfort and maximum torque transmission, it can effortlessly handle up to 757Nm, setting a new benchmark for ratchets in the market.

Precision at Its Core: The 60 Gear Advantage

What sets the NEXT ratchet apart is its 60-gear mechanism, ensuring precise and efficient operation. This feature is crucial for jobs requiring exactitude and finesse, making the NEXT ratchet a trusted companion for professionals who value accuracy in their work.

Designed for Tight Spaces

The slim head design of the NEXT ratchet makes it an indispensable tool for reaching confined areas. This feature is a significant advantage for technicians in intricate and space-constrained environments.

Range of Torque Specifications

The NEXT ratchet series caters to various needs with its array of torque capabilities:

  • 1/4″ drive with a torque capacity of 90Nm
  • 3/8″ drive offering up to 300Nm
  • 1/2″ drive, the powerhouse is capable of a maximum 757Nm

Integrating into the Sonic Foam System

The NEXT ratchet’s inclusion in the Sonic Foam System will elevate the organization and efficiency of any workspace. Known for optimizing tool management, the Sonic Foam System’s addition of the NEXT ratchet will significantly enhance.


The debut of the Sonic NEXT ratchet marks a milestone in our journey of innovation and excellence. Merging ergonomic design with formidable power and precision, this tool is set to transform professional toolkits in various sectors. Watch this excellent demonstration in collaboration with Shop Tool Reviews, which offers an exclusive first look at the groundbreaking Sonic ratchet!

The Sonic NEXT ratchet is the most powerful in its range. This ratchet has an ultimate ergonomic design, which provides optimum contact and, therefore, a higher power transmission up to 757Nm. The 60 gears in the NEXT ratchet ensure more accuracy and efficiency. On top of this, the narrow head of the Sonic ratchet offers the possibility to reach even the most confined spaces. Below are the maximum torque specs for the new ratchets. 

1/4″ – 90Nm

3/8″ – 300Nm

1/2″ – 757Nm