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Wrench Set, 102-PCS - XD SFS

SKU: 610201k

Product Overview:

$2,780.00 - $2,990.00


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The Sonic wrench set has everything from stubbies to ratcheting and flares. Sonic's wrenches that make up the popular Metric Wrench Set are made from tough Chrome Vanadium steel for durability and resistance to the elements and chemicals. Each Sonic wrench is backed by our lifetime warranty!


Sonic's 102-PCS Wrench Set contains a wide assortment of wrenches held within an XD Sonic Foam System.. Taking the most important wrenches across the board, this 102 piece wrench set will give you a complete and practical assortment of wrenches fit for any task. (SKU: 610201, 610201-CE)

Additional Information

  • Tool Sizes Engraved in Foam
  • Laser Cut and Chemical Resistant
  • Lifetime Warranty and 24-Hour Online Tool Exchange


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  • Weight: 200lbs


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Wrench Set, 102-PCS - XD SFS
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