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Tire Repair Kit 45 pcs.

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Tire repair for tubeless tires up to 6mm harm expansion.


Tire Repair Kit 45 PCS

  • Tire Repair for Tubeless Tires up to 6mm Harm Expansion
  • For Car Tires, Vehicles, Wheelbarrows, Kart, Quads, and More
  • Suitable for Summer and Winter Tires
  • 40x Tire Repair Plugs
  • 1x Tire Repair Lubricant
  • 1x T-Handle Insert Tool
  • 1x T-Handle Spiral Probe Reamer
  • 2x 3mm Hex Wrench
  • 1. Insert the T-handle Spiral Probe Tool into the punctured tread at a slight angle then straighten the tool and push the tapered shaft in and out of the hole several times to expand and enlarge the broken steel cord.
  • 2. Prepare T-handle Insert Tool for insertion by first dipping the tip into the lubricant.
  • 2-1 Next insert the tire repair string (tire plug) through the hole in the installer tool.
  • 2-2 Make sure that the tire repair string (tire plug) is fairly well centered in the shaft prior to installation.
  • 3. Insert the tire repair string (tire plug) into the hole and push straight down on the insert tool handle till the ends of the tire repair string (tire plug) are sticking out of the tire 10 to 25mm.
  • 4. Pull the T-handle Insert Tool straight out of the hole till the tip is just even with the tire tread then cut the exposed tire plug ends just slightly above the tread and remove the installation tool. 
  • 5. After airing up the tire to its correct tire pressure spray the tire repaired area with a soapy water and check that the puncture is sealed and not leaking


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  • Weight: 1.34lbs


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Tire Repair Kit 45 pcs.
Tire Repair Kit 45 pcs.