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Stoning Hammer 1000g

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The Sonic Tools 1000-gram (2.2 lbs) stoning hammer or mini-sledge. The ash wood handle absorbs shock yet also remains tough and durable. This square-face design delivers precise and blunt blows to whever you're aiming. A rubbe shock collar around the base of the hammer head protects the handle against missed strikes.


Stoning Hammer 1000g

This stoning hammer features an Ash Handle. Provides an ergonomic handle designed to optimize comfort and torque. Created to endure heavy-duty wear and tear

  • Ash Wood Handle
  • No Recoil
  • Lifetime Warranty with 24-hour Online Tool Exchange
  • Height: 39.4mm, length: 260mm, width: 94.8mm

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  • Weight: 2.2lbs


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Stoning Hammer 1000g
Stoning Hammer 1000g