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Flat Chisel 240mm

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The body of the chisel is made of continuous hardened tool steel, and the handle surrounds the body of the tool. Every hammer strike delivers full force to the subject matter. The sharpened tip allows you to cut, scrape, and remove material.


Flat chisel 240mm

Our 240mm Flat Chisel is a versatile tool for metalworking tasks. With a durable design and a length of 240mm, it ensures efficient and precise material removal in various applications.

Additional Information:

  • 240mm length for extended reach
  • Flat chisel design for versatile use
  • Durable construction for long-lasting performance
  • Ideal for metalworking and other applications
  • Height: 81.3mm, total length: 241.31mm, width: 77.05mm 

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  • Weight: 0.82lbs


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Flat Chisel 240mm
Flat Chisel 240mm