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Grip Pin Punch 150mmL 3"

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Whether you need to drive out a pin or reset it, the Sonic grip pin punch is a great choice. The main body of the punch is made with impact-rated tool steel, ready for the strike from a Sonic hammer. The handle is surrounded by foam rubber for comfort and vibration-dampening, and plastic ring at the top helps to protect your hand from missed blows.


Grip pin punch 3"

Our Grip Pin Punch, measuring 150mmL (3"), is designed for precision punching, ensuring accuracy in various metalworking and automotive tasks. Crafted with durability and precision, it delivers reliable performance.

Additional Information:

  • Length: 150mm (3") for precision punching
  • Crafted for durability and precision
  • Ideal for metalworking and automotive tasks
  • Height: 25.36mm, total length: 150mm, width: 23.68mm 

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  • Weight: 0.12lbs


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Grip Pin Punch 150mmL 3"
Grip Pin Punch 150mmL 3"