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PHP uses Sonic Tools and the Sonic Foam System to increase efficiency through the shop

PHP Specialists in Joplin, Missouri, first discovered Sonic Tools through their relationship with our CEO and President. When choosing a company to outfit their facility, the owner and head technician, Matt Pietro, said, “The decision was easy; the Sonic Foam System makes working very efficient.”


Pietro isn’t the only one at PHP Specialists who loves working with Sonic Tools, Pietro said, “The technicians have described using the tools feels ‘fancy’ and that they are privileged to get to work with them. Now, they look for the Sonic S9 and S11 boxes before using their own tools.”

One of the main factors Pietro and his team decided to work with Sonic Tools was the Sonic Foam System and the style of the toolboxes. Pietro said, “The Sonic Foam System makes selecting the right tool much easier and efficient, it helps me make sure no tools are missing.”

Though PHP Specialists has only had to warranty a tool once in the five years working with Sonic Tools, Pietro described the experience as “seamless”, he added, “We have only had to warranty one tool and it was very easy working with the Sonic Tools team in the process.”

The decision was easy, the Sonic Foam System makes working very efficient.

Matt Pietro – Owner, PHP Specialist


Pietro and the entire PHP Specialists team can appreciate that working with Sonic Tools has increased their overall efficiency and has helped their business continue to thrive by having the tools they need exactly where they need to be. Since 2015 PHP Specialists and Sonic Tools have worked together to create the ultimate workflow in their facility and it has proven to be a success.