Hittman Racing

Category: Customer Stories

Jason Marks, Team Manager and Driver for Hittman Racing was drawn to Sonic initially because of the organizational Sonic Foam System (SFS), but has found that working with Sonic has truly changed the way his team works.

Marks stated, “The reason our race team chose Sonic is for quality, efficiency, value for money and professionalism. The tool quality is on par with brands that typically cost twice as much. The foam system saves our team time when finding the correct tool thanks to the amazing organization that no other brand offers.”

Marks can appreciate that the organization of the SFS helps his team be more efficient at the track and helps them keep track of their tools. He said, “One thing you cannot buy is time, once a race weekend starts the clock is ticking and you cannot get the time back. We have a variety of crew join us for the race weekends and they are able to find the tools they need in an instant instead of losing time fishing through a miss-matched toolbox. When a tool is out you know instantly and can ask your co-worker or teammate to use it.”

When it comes to the quality of the tools, Marks says Sonic is “second to none”. He added, “The quality is excellent, giving my crew and I confidence when working with them. The quality is carried beyond the tools themselves from the accuracy of the SFS to the robust toolbox.”

Sonic aims to provide the ultimate customer experience for each and every customer, and that is no different when it comes to Hittman Racing. Regarding his experience, Marks stated, “My customer satisfaction has been superb. I’ve never had an issue with ordering or having a question answered. Quality seems to be carried not only through the tools but the people that represent the brand.”

Sonic Tools is constantly striving to increase the efficiency of every technician. Partnerships with teams like Hittman Racing help prove that working with Sonic can not only increase efficiency and organization but can also be trusted when put to the test in fast pace environments where efficiency is key.