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Quit wasting your time looking for tools by working with Sonic Tools

Stephen Klitzsch, the General Manager at GMP Performance in Charlotte, North Carolina, was first introduced to Sonic Tools at SEMA, an automotive equipment trade show. Klitzsch said he was “blown away by the toolbox systems and the well thought out tech specific packages. The cabinet systems were designed to incorporate the same foam inserts and tools so you can grow your shop along with your tools. It’s like Legos for a technician.”


Sonic Tools aims to create the proper workplaces designed to increase the efficiency of every technician and change the way they work for the better. When speaking to the highlights of working with Sonic, Klitzsch stated, “Sonic has made a huge difference with my teams’ efficiency. In our shop and at the track, the toolboxes have a foam insert system that provides a home for each and every tool. It makes cleaning up and inventorying the tools very simple and you don’t waste time searching for the tool you need.” One of the reasons organization was an important factor for GMP Performance when choosing a tool company was to ensure they don’t waste time when traveling to and from the track. Klitzsch added, “We used to spend 20-30 minutes straightening out the toolbox after being jostled around on the drive. We have regained that time because everything is in its’ place when we arrive to our destination.”

One of the best aspects of working with Sonic, according to Klitzsch, is the 24-Hour Online Tool Exchange. “To know that if something happens, we don’t have to wait all week for a replacement has been great,” Klitzsch said. “Fortunately, we haven’t had to use the warranty yet, but it’s nice peace of mind to know that it’s there.”

Sonic has made a huge difference with my teams’ efficiency.

Stephen Klitzsch– General Manager, GMP Performance


Sonic Tools is constantly striving to create the best possible customer experience for each and every individual and company, and that has been no different when it comes to GMP Performance. Klitzsch stated, “The experience was great. We are a unique shop that works on all German models and Sonic gave us a lot of brand specific tool sets to choose from. We were able to put together the box the way we needed it. When we ordered the boxes, they arrived incredibly fast and were well packaged. Unwrapping everything was like being on Christmas. Definitely happy with the product and the ordering experience.”