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Energica Motor Company selects Sonic as technical partner

Energica Motor Company is the global number one specialist in high-performance electric motorcycles and single manufacturer of the FIM Enel MotoE World Cup, headquartered in the Italian Motor Valley, Modena. Sonic will support Energica by streamlining their operations and boosting efficiency in their workshop, helping them to outperform their ambitious development goals.

To kick-off the technical-partnership, Sonic installed an 11-meter premium MSS+ setup, with three portable top boxes in the new battery area, enabling the Energica-team to excel in their daily job with joy and satisfaction.

If you want to grow as fast as we do at Energica, it is crucial that you have the right partners. The partnership with Sonic and Energica is just perfect. We like the quality and style of the brand. Working together with Sonic allowed us to achieve important goals on our technical organization. Thanks to them we have been able to ensure a unique working environment for our team in terms of efficiency, quality and organization.

Livia Cevolini – CEO, Energica Motor Company


Energica choose the premium MSS+ storage solutions in combination with high-quality Sonic hand tools for their headquarters in Modena. Here, Energica has brought together the brightest minds from the Formula 1 racing industry and highly qualified motorcycle specialist to design the Energica motorcycles.

We are more than happy to work together with such a pioneer in Electric Motorcycles. This is exactly why we developed the Sonic MSS+ product line: for companies who accept nothing less than the best.

Niels Veldt – CEO, Sonic Equipment

MSS+ is Sonic’s flagship when it comes to modular storage solutions. This high-quality product line is designed for the true professional who accepts nothing less than the best. The system can be built up modularly with a variety of modules, elements and specifications. The setup can be completed with the Sonic Foam System (SFS). These foam inlays ensure that the best hand tools, in the right composition are efficiently arranged in the setup. In this way, you create the perfect and most efficient workplace in every workshop.

Sonic and Energica are determined to take each other to the next level in the coming year.