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Set your students up for success by partnering with Sonic Tools. Train professional technicians with professional tools.


Sonic is the preferred choice when it comes to equipping students with the tools required to excel in their technical career. Between our interactive virtual student presentations, online portal, and campus visits, we have created the most accessible professional tool student program on the market. Our virtual presentations are tailored to your program. Our specialists can connect with your student's day or night, across the country with purposeful integration into your program.

Sonic is the preferred choice when it comes to equipping students with the tools required to excel in their technical career… (read more)

Student Financing
Lifetime Warranty

We recognize the impact that the skilled technician makes on all industries. That is why we would like to invest in your future by offering a 35% discount as well as financing to all enrolled students. In addition, we offer the 35% discount for up to 90 days after graduation.

Student Benefits
Up to $5,000 in financing
Instant financing approval
35% off Sonic products
Lifetime warranty on all Sonic products


Our pathway programs are perfect for students furthering their career upon graduation. We've created toolsets that grow with the technician. Start with a basic set and as move through your career, your toolset grows with add-on sets. Move from Basic > Intermediate > Advanced.

Ideal for techs starting their career. New technicians get a robust toolset to start their career and pathway to grow as they move up.


For technicians that need a more comprehensive set of tools, our intermediate sets are available as add-ons to the basic set or individually.


As techs gain experience, they'll need more complex tools. Our Advanced kit is perfect for technicians needing a more comprehensive tool kit.

Solutions That Enable Techs To Earn, Not Owe

Sonic promotes technician growth by offering affordable solutions that match their skill level.

Tool Set Configuration Avg. Annual Salary" Sonic Tools Competition** Sonic Advantage
1-2 years experience
$40,000 $3,200 $7,000 New Techs recieve a robust tool set to kickstart their career without an unbearable amount of debt.
3-5 years experience
$47,000 $1,300 $5,500 Sonic offers cost-effective upgrades as skills are built.
5-7 years experience
$55,000 $3,500 $11,000 As technicians hit their professional stride, they need more advanced tools to tackle more difficult projects and are rewarded by higher pay.
Net Investment Required   $8,000 $23,500 The right tools, at the right time maximizes tech ROI at a fraction of the cost.

*source: 2020 median salary data for U.S. automotive technicians. | **Competitors do not offer scaled sets. Costs based on custom assortments.

Students, when they first start to buy tools, they needs something to build on. Sonic offers a unique system to add tools to your collection. When you have the tools available from Sonic, it makes the entry level technician more attractive. Sonic has definitely shined
Daryl Oliver
Automotive Technician Training - Holmes Honda

Inventory Control System

Our inventory control system features organization for all tools as well as laser etching/sterilization for identifying the assigned owner of the tools. Accompanying each toolset is an inventory control book for easy logging of tool inventory at the end of a job, shift, week, creating unmatched efficiency. Work Efficient, Work With Sonic. Work efficient, Work with Sonic

Our goal is to increase the efficiency of every technician and we achieve this with the organization of the Sonic Foam System. Take inventory of your toolbox 78% faster, reduce the number of misplaced tools by 80%, and retrieve and return your tools 20% faster.

Each tool in the set is serialized, shadowed in CNC machined EVA foam, and includes an inventory control book that makes our Inventory Control System unrivaled in the industry.

78% Faster Inventory of Toolbox
80% Reduced Misplaced Tools
20% Faster Retrieval and Return

MSS Premium Workplaces, Ultimate Workflow

Outfit Your Facility

Invest in your students by creating the ultimate learning space. Our premium MSS+ cabinet line helps students and professionals alike work more efficiently and attain the skills they'll need to succeed. Educate your students in a facility like the ones they'll be working in.