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Corvette Performance Toolbox

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If you’re a Corvette lover, then this is the toolbox for you. You get all the benefits and features of the Sonic S9 toolbox, as well as awesome Corvette logos and graphics surrounding this box.
Corvette Performance Toolbox

Sonic Tools recently burst onto the American racing scene with the ultimate solution for tool organization and efficiency. One of the first racing teams to take notice was Corvette Racing. From the high quality of Sonic Tools to the critical moments of a pit stop, we are proud to be part of enhancing Corvette Racing’s ability to win. 

In addition to providing equipment for the Corvette Racing program, we are also an official General Motors licensee. The Corvette Performance Toolbox was born from two companies dedicated to providing a unique product to Corvette enthusiasts. This special edition toolbox is complete with a Corvette Racing livery. All Sonic hand tools and toolboxes are backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

Sonic Tools S9 Toolbox stands above the competition with premium features like a powder-coated finish, a unique strengthening manufacturing process, and ball-bearing drawer slides. All Sonic toolboxes are stamped from one sheet of sheetmetal, then the sides are folded up and bonded to each other and the other panels. This process builds a much stronger box and incurs much less flex than others. Each of the 7 drawers have an 88-pound load capacity, while the whole Sonic S9 toolbox will support over 880-pounds. This Sonic S9 box is integrated with a 304 stainless-steel top that doubles as an excellent worktop. One end of the S9 includes steel pegboard ready for hanging tools and the integrated paper-towel holder ensures you can cleanup at arms reach. Also, Sonic’s Anti-Tilt feature allows only one drawer to be open at any given time, mitigating the possibility of the toolbox tipping over. Two locking swivel casters on one side and two stationary casters on the other are built to withstand the heavy load which help the S9 box traverse over any shop floor with ease. Finally, the S9 box includes a positive latching system ensuring each drawer is closed.

  • Empty Corvette toolbox
  • 5 shallow drawers       
  • 2 deep drawer         
  • Side handle 
  • Torsion resistant through profile construction at the 4 corners
  • Plastic edge protection 
  • Perforated panels to hang up various accessories          
  • Powder coating 
  • 4 rubber casters 2x swivel casters with brake and 2x fixed          

Technical Specs


wrapped in one piece of steel
toolbox dimensions

Sonic vs. Competition

Customer Reviews

  • Jeremy Chan - Oct 7th 2019

    Great Toolbox

    I love the size and mobility of this toolbox. The wheels make the box easy to push around the garage and the Corvette branding is awesome.

  • David Fisk - Oct 7th 2019

    Toolbox Review

    I had a great experience with customer service, tools and box are high quality. 100% will order again.

  • ChipI - Feb 10th 2019

    Great Value

    I purchased this Box and the Corvette tools about 6 months ago. The Toolbox (and the Corvette tools) is high quality construction and looks great next to my 2017 Grand Sport!

  • Joe D. - Jan 4th 2019

    Shirt happens

    I purchased the Corvette Limited tool box. Great quality and Great Looking box! Can't wait to fill up the box with Sonic Tools....Corvette Racing!!!

  • Jack L. - Jan 4th 2019


    The corvette s9 tool box is a clean solid and well built tool box that looks as good as it functions I recommend sonic to all my friends.

  • Kaleb D. - Oct 13th 2018

    Never buying another toolbox!

    This toolbox is by far the best toolbox anyone could ever own! It has everything!

  • Craig - Jun 28th 2018

    Really cool and sturdy toolbox

    I love Corvettes, so this toolbox is awesome for a million reasons. The design is sweet, the toolbox is very sturdy and easy to roll around. If you love Corvettes and racing, this box is a must have.

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