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Cleaning and Maintenance

The lifespan of a powder coated object is negatively influenced by moisture, dirt, acids, salt and other aggressive materials.
Regular cleaning of the object is essential to expand the objects lifespan. The frequency of cleaning the powder coated object is determined by the degree of pollution.

Influencing factors are:

When one or more of these factors are relevant, we speak of an increase of aggravating
factors. In all other cases we speak of normal aggravating factors. The amount in which the
coated surface can be affected by the above factors is depending on:

It is important to establish the cleaning frequency by periodically inspections of the object. It
helps to look at the nature of the pollution and establish the presence of the amount of
aggravating factors to determine the cleaning frequency. Practice has shown that a well
treated surface, if cleaned in a timely manner, retains its protective and aesthetic properties
for a very long time.


With the presence of normal aggravating factors the coating must be cleaned at least two
times a year. In case of increased aggravating factors the coating must be cleaned at least three
times a year. For projects in the direct surroundings of public roads immediate cleaning is
required after each time deicing salt has been used.

Cleaning products