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Sonic Tools partnered with Challenger Racing in 2016 to help in their efforts of winning the famous Pikes Peak Hill Climb

Sonic Tools became a partner with Challenger Racing in 2016 for their annual effort competing in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. They field a Chevrolet SS sponsored by GEICO and Valvoline. Team owner and driver, Layne Schranz said, “Sonic is a great choice for any technician or team who cares about efficiency and speed while working on cars.”


When working on a race team, it’s important to be able to access the tools you need quickly so you don’t waste any time during the race. Schranz said, “Utilizing Sonic Tools as a race team has helped us save time as well as keep track of our tools. Racing teams typically have multiple people working out of the same toolbox. When they are finished working on the car, the Sonic organization helps expedite the inventory process to ensure all the tools are returned and in place. This can be very challenging, especially in high pressure situations.”

Another important component for race teams is the quality of the tools. Race teams can’t risk tools breaking in the middle of a race. When speaking about the quality of Sonic Tools, Schranz said, “I have worked with all brands of tools having been an avid racer and mechanic for over 30 years. The quality of Sonic Tools is on par with the best of the best.”

When speaking on the warranty process, Schranz added, “I love the web-based ordering and replacement process! It’s so much easier than waiting for a weekly visit from a tool truck and having to be there at that specific time.”

Utilizing Sonic Tools as a race team has helped us save time as well as keep track of our tools.

Layne Schranz – Owner, Challenger Racing


Finally, Schranz added, “From the user standpoint, being a Sonic customer has been great. Friendly and professional people!”

Challenger Racing and Sonic Tools have had a successful partnership since 2016. Because of Sonic Tools, the Challenger Racing team can work more efficiently and make repairs quicker to help the team to more victories.