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A student at Advance Technical Institute in Virginia Beach

Sonic Spotlight is an opportunity for us to highlight some of the best students and technicians in their field! We are excited to introduce July’s Sonic Spotlight: Meet Beret!

Beret is currently a student at Advance Technical Institute in Virginia Beach and is also a technician at Wynne Ford. She just recently purchased the Intermediate Automotive 456-PC toolset and S14 toolbox for her career in the automotive industry.


“I use Sonic tools every day to pursue my passion to learn, lead, grow and master the automotive industry. Sonic tools allow me to provide great service by using good quality tools, organization, and faster service. As the only female technician at Wynne, I strive to break the chains of stereotypes and blaze a trail for women like me, who have a passion for the automotive industry.”


Beret explains how the main problem she was trying to resolve with Sonic’s products was the cost of the tools she needed for her career. With Sonic’s financing program, she was able to expand her collection of tools and toolbox at an affordable price. Beret also states how “compared to other leading brands, Sonic’s durability and strength along with their lifetime warranty is that makes it the best!”


“The sales process was a breeze. I am very thankful for Shawn for taking the time to answer my questions, make me feel more comfortable about my purchase, and clear any reservations I may have had. The financing process was very quick and very thorough. I was thankful for the team for taking the time to clear up the issue that I had, which initially denied my application. I thank Sonic for making me feel comfortable, unlike my competitors, who often ignore or demean my position simply because I am a woman.”


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