Sonic S9 + Tools 263 piece intermediate aviation toolbox

Intermediate System

  • Intermediate S9 Toolbox
  • 4 Sonic Foams
  • 263 tools in the Sonic Foam System
Sonic 454 piece advanced aviation toolbox

Advanced System

  • Advanced S12XD Toolbox
  • 5 Sonic Foams
  • 454 tools in the Sonic Foam System

Sonic Toolbag with basic toolkit

Basic System

  • Basic Toolbag
  • 145 Tools in Tool Loops
  • Padded Comfort
Sonic basic toolbox and toolkit

Basic System

  • Basic Toolbox
  • 5 Sonic Foams
  • 145 Tools

Our Mission: Aviation Solutions

Sonic is thoroughly dedicated to helping the aviation maintenance industry and its technicians. Organization is key, and nobody improves efficiency through organization better than us. Sonic offers student discounts and financing options, and boasts exclusive partnerships with aviation schools across the country, including the Aviation Institute of Maintenance. Sonic designs and manufactures equipment to perform maintenance on private airplanes, commercial jets, military helicopters and more. Sonic greatly enhances tool accountability and inventory control through laser-cut foam inlays and inventory control sheets. Our commitment to the aviation industry is shown through various aviation tool offerings. Sonic offers Basic, Intermediate and Advanced solutions fitting the needs of aviation technicians at any level.

78% faster inventory80% less misplaced tools20% faster retrieval and return of tools

Aviation A & P Solutions

Our Aviation A&P Solutions are designed and manufactured by Sonic Tools to fill the missing piece for aviation technicians and students who are starting their journey as A&P technicians. We created comprehensive solutions with direction from aviation industry experts. Our solutions are perfect for anyone working on any aircraft and are the perfect foundation for every rising and experienced A&P technician to perform efficiently. We created Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced aviation solutions that present you suitable options, depending on the caliber of storage and tools desired. Nothing matches our level of aviation offerings that create organization, increase efficiency and adds value to your education.

Sonic and Piedmont Airlines formed a partnership in 2019. Piedmont sought after better customer service and a company that fulfilled its promises. Sonic met those needs and more. Sonic provides aviation toolboxes and tool solutions to new hires. Zero obstacles. Easy communication. Sonic and Piedmont thrive through efficiency and forward thinking.

Aviation Partners

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