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Unmatched within the industry

Not only are Sonic’s toolboxes compatible with the Sonic Foam System, but they also have ball-bearing sides, a centralized locking system and anti-tilt system, and locking casters. You will be more productive, efficient, and organized in your daily routine with a Sonic toolbox with tools in your workspace.

Sonic S12XD Toolbox

NEXT S12 Toolbox, 8 Drawers

SKU: 4737318

Description: The Sonic NEXT S12 8 Drawer toolbox is one of our bestsellers for technicians looking for an intermediate to advanced toolset. This 8 drawer toolbox is the right balance between design, quality and price for utilizing small spaces to store and still transport around a workshop.

Price: $3,165

NEXT S12 XD, 8 Drawers

SKU: 47374XX

Description: The extra deep Sonic NEXT S12XD toolbox is the perfect choice for technicians looking for an advanced toolset. The noticeable extra depth is what sets this one apart from other similar toolboxes. The NEXT S12XD allows for additional storage space in a compact and easy maneuverable unit.

Price: $4,150

NEXT S13 Toolbox, 13 drawers

SKU: 47375113

Description: The Sonic NEXT S13 toolbox is the solution of choice for technicians looking for advanced to expert toolsets. The NEXT S13 is a one of a kind toolbox in our lineup. It is short in stature but occupies a large stance. It has a larger footprint and ideal work height that allows for a unique storage and workspace combination.

Price: $4,805

NEXT S14 Toolbox, 16 drawers

SKU: 47376116

Description: The Sonic NEXT S14 toolbox is part of our top range, for technicians looking for any advanced toolset. This toolbox is one of our largest roll around boxes. Overall, the NEXT S14 is great buy for a storage option that has a higher work surface while supporting larger amounts of storage space.

Price: $5,460

NEXT S15 Toolbox, 14 Drawers

SKU: 47377113

Description: The Sonic NEXT S15 toolbox is our flagship and the ideal choice for mechanics looking for and advanced toolset while maintaining ample additional storage space. The S15 toolbox stands at 118cm height, featuring stylish molded plastic bumpers, integrated side pockets, two spray can holders and a paper roll holder. This toolbox is our largest roll around box in the range. At 65 inches wide and 26 inches in depth, the NEXT S15 toolbox is the ultimate storage solution on wheels.

Price: $5,995

NEXT S4 Service Cart with Lid

SKU: 4738413

Description: Sonic's NEXT S4 Service Cart is tailored for quick service bays and the quick service technician in mind. This cart is specifically built for our specialized Quick Service Toolset, ideal for high-turnaround tasks, enhancing both space utilization and tool organization with compatibility with our renowned Sonic Foam System.

Price: $950

NEXT S7 Toolbox, 6 Drawers

SKU: 4737016

Description: The Sonic NEXT S7 is our entry model toolbox, best suited for technicians looking for a basic toolset. With its shorter height advantage, along with its smaller frame, it is the ultimate unit for storage anywhere in a workshop.

Price: $1,640

NEXT S8 Toolbox, 7 Drawers

SKU: 4737117

Description: The Sonic NEXT S8 toolbox is part of our entry level range, best suited for technicians looking for a basic to intermediate toolset. With its compact design, this toolbox is the ideal box for moving around a workshop, requiring a smaller storage space.

Price: $1,965

NEXT S9 Toolbox, 8 Drawers

SKU: 4737218

Description: The Sonic NEXT S9 toolbox is our recommended solution for technicians looking for a basic to intermediate toolset. What makes this toolbox our bestselling and recommended unit is not only its size in height, but its advantage of space saving design. This combination of overall size matched with its storage space allows this box to be the #1 choice within the range.

Price: $2,400

Service Cart with 3 Drawers

SKU: 4732013

Description: The 3-Drawer Service Cart consists of a top and bottom tray, and three drawers that house small, medium and large size foams. The Service Cart includes extra large locking wheels and brakes, and foam liners that sit inside each tray. A centralized lock and anti-tilt system are also featured.

Price: $875

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