Toolboxes include heavy duty features and are compatible with more than 250 Sonic Foam Systems.
Toolboxes are made from one piece of metal, increasing strength and durability
S8 plus tools
Empty S8
S9 plus Tools
S9 Empty
S10 plus tools
S10 empty
S11 plus tools
S11 empty
S12 plus tools
S12 Empty
S12XD plus tools
s12XD empty
S13 plus tools
S13 empty
s14 plus tools
S14 Empty
S15 plus tools
S15 empty
Service Cart plus tools
Service Cart
Sonic Aviation Solutions
Volkswagen toolkits
BMW toolbox plus tools
mercedes-benz toolbox plus tools
Corvette racing tools
Sonic Quick Service toolkits
Filled Sonic Topbox toolbox
Sonic Troy Lee Designs Toolbox
Mobile Suitcase
Professional Tools - Professional Techs
Professional Tools - Professional Techs