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Torque wrench 3/4" 150-750NM (110-550 FT-LBS)

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Sonic's 3/4" drive torque wrenches are available in a variety of sizes from. The extra-long handles of the 3/4" torque wrenches provide more leverage for achieving these higher torque numbers. These torque wrenches work in a single direction, accurately measuring the force placed on a fastener in a clock-wise motion. The handle of the wrench turns to adjust the setting, with a magnifying lens built into the handle making the numbers easy to read. A knob at the end of the handle keeps it locked during use and easily pops out for adjustment for the next fastener.


Torque wrench 3/4" 150-750NM (110-550 FT-LBS)

Our 3/4" Torque Wrench, calibrated from 150 to 750 Newton-meters, is designed for accurate torque application in heavy-duty tasks. Crafted for durability and precision, this torque wrench ensures reliable performance in a variety of mechanical applications. This torque wrench is covered by our hassle-free lifetime warranty. 

Additional Information:

  • 3/4" drive size for heavy-duty applications
  • Torque range: 150-750 Newton-meters
  • Crafted for durability and precision
  • Height: 57.62mm, height of the drive: 58mm, total length: 1500mm, width: 62.75mm, outer diameter: 63mm


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  • Weight: 12.35lbs
  • Width: 45"


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Torque wrench 3/4" 150-750NM (110-550 FT-LBS)
Torque wrench 3/4" 150-750NM (110-550 FT-LBS)