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Swivel grip handle 3/8" 200mmL

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Experience versatility and precision with our Swivel Grip Handle 3/8" 200mmL. Comfortable handling, enhanced maneuverability for tight spaces. Upgrade your toolkit for versatile applications!


Our Swivel Grip Handle in 3/8" size and 200mm length offers versatility and maneuverability for various applications. Designed for ease of use and precision, this tool provides comfortable handling and flexibility in tight spaces.

Additional Information:

  • Versatile Swivel Design: Enables flexibility and ease of movement
  • 3/8" Size: Fits 3/8" drive tools for compatibility
  • Comfortable Handling: Ergonomic design for ease and precision

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  • Weight: 0.26lbs


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Swivel grip handle 3/8" 200mmL
Swivel grip handle 3/8" 200mmL