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Spring compressor 1500 kg.

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Handle spring compression with confidence using our Heavy-Duty 1500 KG Spring Compressor. Crafted for professional use, it ensures secure and efficient compression in automotive repairs and mechanical tasks. Upgrade your toolkit for reliable spring handling!


Our 1500 KG Spring Compressor is a heavy-duty tool crafted for safe and effective compression of springs in automotive repairs and mechanical tasks. With a robust build and a compression capacity of 1500 kilograms, it's ideal for professional use, ensuring secure and efficient spring handling.

Additional Information:

  • Heavy-duty 1500 KG Spring Compressor
  • Designed for safe and efficient spring compression
  • Robust build for durability and reliability
  • Suitable for professional automotive repairs and mechanical tasks

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  • Weight: 23lbs


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Spring compressor 1500 kg.
Spring compressor 1500 kg.