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Spinner 1/4-Inch 150mmL

SKU: 72401-obsolete

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Elevate your precision with our compact 1/4" 150mmL Spinner. Perfect for intricate automotive and mechanical tasks. Enhance your toolkit today!


Crafted for precision and versatility, our 1/4" 150mmL Spinner excels in maneuvering fasteners within confined spaces. Its compact design and ergonomic construction offer enhanced control, making it an indispensable tool for automotive and mechanical tasks requiring intricate handling.

Additional Information:

  • Material: High-grade, durable construction
  • Special Features: Compact design for tight-space maneuvering
  • Primary Use/Application: Ideal for intricate automotive and mechanical tasks

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  • Weight: 0.1lbs


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Spinner 1/4-Inch 150mmL
Spinner 1/4-Inch 150mmL