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Precision screwdriver Slotted 2.0 x 60

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Handle intricate screws effortlessly with our Precision Slotted Screwdriver (2.0 x 60). Perfect for electronics and precise tasks. Get yours for precision work today!


Our Precision Screwdriver, Slotted 2.0 x 60, embodies accuracy and durability for delicate tasks. The precisely crafted 2.0mm tip on a 60mm shaft ensures optimal fit and control for intricate slotted screws in electronics, appliances, or precision equipment.

Additional Information:

  • Slotted Tip: 2.0mm for precise fitting
  • Shaft Length: 60mm for access to recessed screws
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for electronics and precision equipment

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  • Weight: 1lbs


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Precision screwdriver Slotted 2.0 x 60
Precision screwdriver Slotted 2.0 x 60