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Oxygen sensor socket 1/2``, 150L 22

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Effortlessly handle oxygen sensor tasks with our 1/2" Oxygen Sensor Socket, 150mm length, and 22mm head. Precision tool for reliable sensor removal. Simplify your work now!


Our 1/2" Oxygen Sensor Socket, measuring 150mm in length and equipped with a 22mm head, is crafted for easy and efficient removal or installation of oxygen sensors. Designed with precision and durability, it ensures a secure fit and reliable operation.

Additional Information:

  • Oxygen Sensor Tool: Specifically designed for oxygen sensor tasks
  • 1/2" Drive Size: Fits 1/2" drive ratchets for compatibility
  • 150mm Length: Offers extended reach for accessibility
  • 22mm Head: Compatible with 22mm oxygen sensors

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  • Weight: 0.36lbs


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Oxygen sensor socket 1/2``, 150L 22
Oxygen sensor socket 1/2``, 150L 22