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Impact Adaptor 3/4"(F) x 1"(M) Pinn

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Seamless transitions with our Impact Adaptor - 3/4" (F) to 1" (M) Pinn. Durable and versatile for heavy-duty applications. Upgrade your toolkit for impact performance!


The Impact Adaptor with 3/4" (F) and 1" (M) Pinn configuration is a robust tool designed for heavy-duty applications. Its durable construction ensures reliable performance, making it ideal for use with impact wrenches. This adaptor facilitates seamless transitions between different socket sizes, adding versatility to your toolkit.

Additional Information:

  • Size: 3/4" (F) to 1" (M) Pinn
  • Special Features: Durable construction for heavy-duty use
  • Application: Ideal for impact wrenches, facilitating socket size transitions
  • Essential tool for professionals and heavy-duty applications

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  • Weight: 0.44lbs


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Impact Adaptor 3/4"(F) x 1"(M) Pinn
Impact Adaptor 3/4"(F) x 1"(M) Pinn