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Hexagon key wrench, extra long 1.27mm

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Unlock precision and access with our Extra Long Hexagon Key Wrench (1.27mm). Premium steel, extended reach, perfect for intricate tasks. Elevate your toolkit now!


Our Extra Long Hexagon Key Wrench, measuring 1.27mm, merges precision and extended reach. Crafted with premium steel, it offers unparalleled durability and exactitude for intricate tasks.

Additional Information:

  • Precision-crafted from premium steel
  • Length: Extra long for extended reach
  • Enhanced accessibility for tight or recessed areas
  • Exceptional durability for intricate tasks
  • Ideal for delicate machinery and intricate assemblies

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  • Weight: 1lbs


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Hexagon key wrench, extra long 1.27mm
Hexagon key wrench, extra long 1.27mm