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Half-Moon Wrench


Product Overview:

$35.00 - $40.00


  • Warranty:

Our half moon wrenches feature a 12-point end and a curved shape. The finish is polished Chrome Vanadium steel for strength and durability. Designed to withstand harsh conditions.


Half-Moon Wrench

Exactly as they are named, these Sonic half moon wrenches have the shape of a half-moon. These are priceless for those times when you have to reach that fastener around a corner. The 12-point design on each end provides you with several angles of approach, and they include two different sizes on each wrench. 

Additional Information:

  • Available 10-17mm
  • 12PT Socket End
  • Chrome Vanadium
  • Polished Head
  • Rust Resistant
  • Lifetime Warranty with 24-Hour Online Tool Exchange
  • Height: 6.53mm, outer size wrench jaw 1: 15.6mm, outer size wrench jaw 2: 18.2mm, thickness wrench jaw 1: 6.5mm, thickness wrench jaw 2: 6.6mm, total length: 142mm, width: 53.58mm


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  • Weight: 2lbs


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