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Extended Pry Bar 24"

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The Sonic 24-inch extended pry bar is purpose-built with heavy-duty in mind. A square beam of hardened steel protrudes from the handle and slightly bends toward the tip. After the bend, the square steel begins to flatten, creating wedge shape which is excellent for prying and applying extreme forces. The plastic handle forms comfortably to your hand and a ring around each end of the handle helps to protect the user's hand. Covered by the Sonic Tools lifetime warranty.


Extended pry bar 24"

Our Extended Pry Bar, measuring 24 inches, combines power and precision for demanding tasks. Crafted with durability and strength, it provides reliable leverage for various automotive, construction, and DIY applications.

Additional Information:

  • Extended length: 24 inches for added leverage
  • Crafted for durability and strength
  • Ideal for demanding automotive, construction, and DIY tasks
  • Height: 59.5mm, length 1: 466mm, length 2: 144mm, total length: 610mm, width: 59.5mm 


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  • Weight: 1.5lbs


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Extended Pry Bar 24"
Extended Pry Bar 24"