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Drain Pan 15.9 Liter

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Streamline fluid management with our 15.9-liter Drain Pan. Perfect for oil changes and maintenance tasks. Keep your workspace clean and organized!


Efficiently manage fluids with our 15.9-liter capacity drain pan. Crafted for durability and easy fluid collection, this pan is an essential tool for oil changes, fluid transfers, and maintenance tasks, ensuring a mess-free and convenient experience.

Additional Information:

  • Capacity: 15.9 liters for extensive fluid collection
  • Special Features: Durable construction, easy fluid management
  • Application: Ideal for oil changes, fluid transfers, and maintenance tasks
  • Essential tool for automotive maintenance
  • Height: 165mm, length: 590mm, width: 450mm

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  • Weight: 1.14lbs


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Drain Pan 15.9 Liter
Drain Pan 15.9 Liter