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Angle Straight Removal Tool 3X133mm

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Effortlessly tackle removal tasks in confined spaces with our Angle Straight Removal Tool, 3x133mm. Precision in tight spots for efficient removal of panels and nails. Simplify your tasks now!


Our Angle Straight Removal Tool, measuring 3x133mm, is engineered for precise removal applications in tight spaces. Its angled design facilitates access to hard-to-reach areas, ensuring efficient and accurate removal of various components, such as nails or panels.

Additional Information:

  • Precision Design: Angled for accessing tight and confined spaces
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for removing nails, panels, or similar components
  • Length: 133mm for adequate reach in restricted areas

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  • Weight: 0.33lbs


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Angle Straight Removal Tool 3X133mm
Angle Straight Removal Tool 3X133mm