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2-3 Jaw 4" reversible puller

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Effortlessly extract press-fitted parts with our 2-3 Jaw 4" Reversible Puller. Versatile and adjustable for gears, pulleys, and bearings. Upgrade your toolkit for efficient part removal!


The 2-3 Jaw 4" Reversible Puller is a versatile tool designed for extracting gears, pulleys, bearings, and other press-fitted parts. With its reversible feature and adjustable jaws, this puller provides flexibility for various removal tasks.

Additional Information:

  • 2-3 jaw reversible puller with a 4" size
  • Versatile tool for extracting gears, pulleys, and bearings
  • Reversible feature and adjustable jaws for flexible use
  • Ideal for removing press-fitted parts in automotive or mechanical tasks

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  • Weight: 1.43lbs


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2-3 Jaw 4" reversible puller
2-3 Jaw 4" reversible puller