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1.5 Ton Aluminum & Steel Jack

SKU: 48031

Description: Shop our new 1.5 Metric Ton aluminum jack with a maximum lifting capacity of 3,306lbs. The jack is equipped with nylon wheels (2 swivel wheels) and a two-part control rod and a carrying handle. The minimum lifting height is 3.46in and the maximum lifting height is 14.17in. The total length of the jack is 19.05in and the diameter of the pick-up dish 3.81in. The jack comes with a rubber pad and has a lifetime warranty.

Price: $446

Dual-Direction Torque Wrench

SKU: Two Way Torque Wrench

Description: This Sonic Dual Direction Torque Wrench includes a feature not possible by most torque wrenches. If you ever have a left-hand threaded fastener that needs to be torqued, the typical torque wrench is not calibrated for this. Sonic took a very simple approach by allowing the anvil to push through the other side of the ratchet, hence enabling the torque wrench to be measure torque in either direction. Sonic torque wrenches includes scales for ft-lbs and Nm with a magnifying window to easily see your setting. The locking knob on the end ensure the handle isn't turned when in use.

Price: $234

Tool Backpack

SKU: 47799

Description: The Sonic tool backpack is the ultimate storage solution for professionals on the move. The tool bag has a strong plastic base to keep your tools clean and in pristine condition, even when using the tool bag outside and in challenging conditions. The backpack enables you to effortlessly carry your tools to places where traditional toolboxes cannot reach or are simply not suitable. And all of this, while having your hands free for work. The removable lay-in gives you easy access to all your tools and multiple functional storage compartments allow you to safekeep additional items and personal belongings.

Price: $276