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At Sonic, we recognize the impact that skilled technicians make in their industries and are dedicated to providing the ultimate foundation for those technicians. Sonic is partnering with education programs and students across the country to equip students with professional tools to excel in their careers.


  • 35% off Sonic products
  • Discount is valid 90 day post graduation
  • Up to $7000 in student financing available
  • Lifetime warranty with hassle-free
    exchange process


  • Equip students with career focused toolsets
  • Single source backed by our dedicated team
  • Unmatched student program offering
  • Convenient and flexible presentation options

Why Sonic

We are the first professional tool brand to disrupt the outdated tool truck model. With Sonic there is no middleman involved. From sales, customer service, or warranty claims, students will always have direct access to our professional team.

In addition, through the Sonic Pathway Program, we are enabling technicians to earn not owe. This program introduces a new way for starting technicians to purchase high quality, affordable tools with the option to upgrade to a more advanced set over time. Each of our toolsets are tailored to a skill level and the tools required to do a job at that level.

Don’t get stuck with the truck. Work with Sonic.
Student Program Presentation

Enable Techs To Earn, Not Owe

Tool Set Configuration Average Annual Salary* Sonic Tools* Competition** Sonic
1-2 YRS Experience
$40,000 $3,200 $7,000 New techs receive a robust tool set to kickstart their career without an unbearable amount of debt.
3-5 YRS Experience
$47,000 + $2,000 + $5,500 Sonic offers cost-effective upgrades as skills are built
5-7 YRS Experience
$55,000 + $4,200 + $11,000 As technicians hit their professional stride, they need more advanced tools to tackle more difficult projects and are rewarded by higher pay.
Net Investment Required $9,400 $23,500 The right tools, at the right time maximizes tech ROI at a fraction of the cost.

Case Studies

Liberty University Liberty

“We decided Sonic was the best choice on quality and value for the money. Many have said that they plan to buy a set when they finish the program and begin their career.”

Robert Howell, Director - AMTP
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“As a school district, we have to be careful with the funds we have, but we also want to provide the students with tools that will last, that’s why we chose Sonic.”

Jess Carter, Assistant Director - MVHS
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CAU School CAU

“We feel it’s important to equip our students with the knowledge and tools needed for successful careers in their chosen career fields. Sonic helps our students stand apart from other candidates.”

Matthew Johnson, President - CAU
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What is the Sonic Tools Student Program?

The Sonic Tools Student Program is designed to provide quality hand tools, toolboxes and filled toolbox solutions to aspiring technicians at a discount. Student purchases of hand tools and toolboxes are accompanied by our lifetime warranty and 24-Hour Online Tool Exchange.

What products are available to me at student pricing?

The Sonic student discount is available for all products excluding promotional items and the MSS and MSS+ lines.

What is my Student Discount?

Your student discount is 35%.

How much am I allowed to purchase with my student pricing?

As much as you would like. Unlike other companies, there is no limit to how much you can purchase using your student discount. As long as you are currently enrolled and fulfilling your academic responsibilities, your student discount is valid for all purchases.

Who is eligible?

All full-time collegiate or tech school level students currently enrolled and fulfilling their academic responsibilities are eligible. Simply create an online account to start receiving the student benefits.

How do I place an order?

Simply fill out our online student application, then start shopping. A Sonic sales representative will reach out shortly after completion of the application to place any orders.

What are my payment options?

Payment options include all credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and financing options. Contact Sonic Tools via phone or email for more information on financing, or any other payment related questions.

Still have questions regarding our student program?

We'd be happy to help. Contact us