Student Program - Sonic Tools

Student Financing Options Available
Sonic Offers a 24Hr Online Tool Exchange
All Sonic products Include a Lifetime Warranty

Sonic Student Program

Being a student is expensive. That's why Sonic offers a financing and discount program for industry learners.

Student Benefits

  • Get up to $5,000 in financing
  • 35% Off Sonic products
  • Lifetime Warranty on Sonic Tools
  • 24-Hour Online Tool Exchange
  • Instant Approval

"Students, when they first start to buy tools, they need something to build on. Sonic offers a unique system to add tools to your collection. When you have the tools available from Sonic, it makes the entry level technician more attractive. Sonic has definitely shined."

Daryl Oliver, Automotive Technician Training - Holmes Honda


Investing in Students

Sonic recognizes the impact that the skilled technician makes on all transportation and industry. That is why we would like to invest in your future by offering financing to all enrolled students. In addition, we will offer a 35% discount on our entire catalog for up to 90 days after graduation.

Work Efficiently

Sonic Tools is committed to increasing the efficiency of every technician. The Sonic Foam System organizes quality tools in a way that awards every technician the opportunity to excel. Housing your tools in labeled, laser cut, chemical resistant foam increases the efficiency of tool inventory by 78%. Our tool shadowing decreases overall tool retrieval and return time by 20%.

Work with Sonic

The SFS is backed by a lifetime warranty that is accessible 24hrs a day with our online tool exchange. This means that our customer service will follow you wherever you go. If a problem arises, just log in and upload a photo of the issue. Within 24hrs your claim is processed and your new tool is on it's way.

Sonic is dedicated to providing the ultimate foundation for technicians to build their careers upon. Beyond proficiency and skill, a prospective employer highly values an organized set of tools. Set yourself apart from the competition by becoming the most efficient and ready-to-work technician available.

Automotive Students With a Sonic Toolbox


What is the Sonic Tools Student Program?
The Sonic Tools Student Program is designed to provide quality hand tools, toolboxes and filled toolbox solutions to aspiring technicians at a discount. Student purchases of hand tools and toolboxes are accompanied by our lifetime warranty and 24-Hour Online Tool Exchange.

What products are available to me at student pricing?
The Sonic student discount is available for all products excluding promotional items and the MSS and MSS+ lines.

What is my Student Discount?
Your student discount is 35%.

How much am I allowed to purchase with my student pricing?
As much as you’d like. Unlike other companies, there is no limit to how much you can purchase using your student discount. As long as you are currently enrolled and fulfilling your academic responsibilities, your student discount is valid for all purchases.

Who is eligible?
All full-time collegiate or tech school level students currently enrolled and fulfilling their academic responsibilities are eligible. Simply create an online account and automatically be grouped into the Sonic Tools Student Program.

How do I place an order?

Simply fill out our online student application, then start shopping. a Sonic Sales Representative will reach out shortly after completion of the application to place any orders. All student orders will be taken over the phone with a sales rep.

What are my payment options?
Payment options include all credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and financing options. Contact Sonic Tools via phone or email for more information on financing, or any other payment related questions.