Service Cart + Quick Service Toolkit, 208-PCS

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Service carts are almost a must-have in the life of today’s mechanics. The Sonic 3-drawer service cart increases your efficiency as a mechanic by providing mobility for your tools and parts for specific jobs. Adding drawers allows for keeping popular tools in the box, while providing a lock to keep them secure. 5-inch casters support the 200-lb max capacity and make traversing the shop floor a breeze; two locking-swivel casters and two that are stationary.

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Customer Reviews

  • Ben C - Oct 26th 2021


    Great set! Perfect for Express tech or anyone needing a complete Mobil solution.

  • Ryan - Jan 24th 2019

    Cool service cart

    This thing is exactly what I was looking for. Portable service cart that also has organized tools.

  • Adam - Jan 10th 2019

    Cart Review

    This cart had done exactly what I intended for it to do. Would highly suggest it to those that don't exactly need a surplus of tools pushed around the shop but want enough to not have to go to the box tool box every 5 minutes.

  • Nick M. - Jan 10th 2019

    Perfect box for me

    I am so glad I came across this Quick Service Toolkit. This thing is exactly what I needed at the shop. I can get my tools around with me in an organized manor because of the foam system but I can also carry other items in the cart. The casters that came on this cart are great quality and don't get jammed up at every little rock.

  • Brandon - Jan 10th 2019

    quick and easy

    I wanted a loaded toolbox but only needed something to roll around my personal garage. when I came across this thing it was perfect. Been using it about 3 weeks and no complaints at all. If you're not a mechanic but still like good tools in your garage, pick this up.

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