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The 328-piece BMW-specific metric kit is designed with BMW technicians in mind. In collaboration with BMW, this kit consists of six medium, chemical resistant, CNC-machined foam inlays, covering essential BMW car/technician needs, including screwdrivers, 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" ratchet and socket needs, 3/8" 16, 18 and 21mm spark plug sockets, bit socket TX 3/8" 90mm (L) T25, 17 and 19mm 1/2" protective wheel sockets, E wrenches, five styles of wrenches, pliers, chisels, hammers hex key sets volt circuit tester and more.
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SKU - 7328XX


The 328-piece BMW-specific metric kit is designed with BMW technicians in mind. …




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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

  • Joel Trice - Jan 24th 2020

    Quality and organization

    I have had my BMW S10 for a little over one year and I can say it has been worth every penny. It has just about everything you would need to work on all BMW models besides some very specific niche tools. The box is beautiful with the highest quality hand tools I have seen.



The S10 toolbox integrates can and paper roll holders. Equipped with 8 drawers operated by ball bearing slides. The toolbox has a powder coated exterior. The S10 is available in black, grey, blue and red. The S10 toolbox houses small and medium foam inlay sizes

The S10 toolbox ships on a pallet with plenty of packing around it to protect the edges. The 5-inch casters (two swiveling/locking) also come pre-installed. In less than 10 minutes you can have the shrink-wrap off all four foam tool trays, the towel bar installed, and can holder mounted to the sides of the toolbox.
7 shallow & 1 deep drawer

The drawers slide open easily-even when filled with heavy tools. There is a positive click when the drawers close, and the ball-bearing slides make for a smooth, confident open and shut. All drawers are 100% retractable and the included keys lock and unlock all drawers for security.

Shallow drawers = 22.6 x 14.6 x 2.4"

Deep drawer = 22.6 x 14.6 x 5.4"

Total storage = 7,325.11 cubic inches

Side Handle
Each Sonic toolbox comes with a steel side handle to increase mobility making this toolbox easy to move around the shop.
Torsion resistant through profile construction at the 4 corners

All Sonic toolboxes are wrapped in one piece of steel. This feature maximizes strength and rigidity of the toolbox while also using less material, welds, and connection points. The S10 toolbox is manufactured with high precision to ensure quality, firmness, and stability for a longer life cycle.

Perforated panels to hang up various accessories

The perforated panels on both sides of the S10 toolbox allows for ultimate customization. Users can add things such as tool hangers, can holders, and document holders.

Powder coating

The powered coated finish on the S10 toolbox adds a durable, tough, and stylish exterior to your toolbox. The S10 toolbox is available in black (RAL 9004), red (3001), blue (5005), and grey (7040).

4 rubber casters 2x swivel casters with brake and 2x fixed
The two 5-inch swivel casters lock and unlock very easily by toe, and the entire box moves easily around the shop’s concrete floor as needed.

Socket Combo Set 1/4", 3/8", 142-PCS - MEDIUM


Combo Set 1/2", 66-PCS - MEDIUM


Chisel, Hammer Set, 17-PCS - MEDIUM


Pliers Set, 36-PCS - MEDIUM


Screwdriver Set, 27-PCS - MEDIUM


Wrench Set, 41-PCS - MEDIUM

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