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WI-FI Endoscope Camera

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This technician's diagnostic endoscope is a must have for every mechanic and the endoscope can be used for many purposes. Connect the camera to your phone through wifi and use your phone as the diagnostic screen, no bulky viewing screens needed.


WI-FI Endoscope Camera

This rechargeable endoscope can be combined with a smartphone or tablet and thus becomes a handy diagnostic tool for inspecting small or tight spaces. Connect the endoscope with its own WiFi connection to a tablet or smartphone and it is ready for use. The camera is 5.5 mm in diameter and is equipped with adjustable LED lighting. Videos and photos can be taken of the objects to be inspected by pressing the record button. The camera can be fitted with a mirror, which makes it possible to inspect at an angle. The camera can also be equipped with a hook or a magnet with which objects can be directly removed from the areas being inspected.

  • Length of flexible camera probe is 3.5 meters
  • The 2.0 megapixels camera is protected according to IP68
  • Includes - protective camera cap, side view mirror attachment, magnet attachment, and hook attachment.
  • Camera is rechargeable through USB
Operation Guide
  1. Download the "INSKAM" app from the App Store
  2. Turn Power Switch to the "ON" position
  3. Go to "WLAN/WI-FI" in the settings page on your smartphone and turn "WIFI" on
  4. Tap the name of "SONIC CAM" in the WI-FI network to connect the endoscope (password: 12345678)
    • *NOTE: if you don't find the "SONIC CAM" WI-FI please check battery levels and reboot the endoscope
  5.  After the connection is successful, click on "inskam" icon to view real-time video.
    • *NOTE: if you receive the notice "SONIC CAM" would like to access photos, please select "OK"

(see inventory tab to download instructions PDF)

Technical Specifications
  • Network Standard - IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
  • Antenna - Built - in IPEX antenna
  • Operating Frequency - 2.4GHz
  • Image Sensor - CMOS
  • Sensor Pixels - 2.0 Megapixels
  • Camera Resolution - 1600x1200px
  • Frame Rate - 30fps
  • Focal Distance - 5 - 500cm
  • Viewing Angle - 70 degrees
  • Power Input - DC 5V/500mAh - 1A
  • Charging Time - 2-3 hours
  • Operating Temperature - 32 to 113 degrees F
  • Waterproof Grade - IP68 (for lens/tube only)

Specs & downloads


  • Weight: 1lbs
  • Height: 2.8"
  • Width: 6"
  • Depth: 5"


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WI-FI Endoscope Camera
WI-FI Endoscope Camera