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Side Handle (Mega, S14)

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Upgrade your Mega S14 Toolbox with our purpose-built Side Handle. Designed for enhanced maneuverability and a secure fit, it adds convenience when moving or repositioning your toolbox. Simplify transport with this essential accessory!


Our Side Handle, designed specifically for the Mega S14 Toolbox, offers enhanced maneuverability and ease of transport. Crafted with durable materials and tailored to fit securely, it provides added convenience when moving or repositioning your Mega S14 Toolbox.

Additional Information:

  • Side Handle designed for the Mega S14 Toolbox
  • Enhances maneuverability and ease of transport
  • Crafted with durable materials for longevity
  • Securely fits for added convenience during movement

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  • Weight: 3lbs


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Side Handle (Mega, S14)
Side Handle (Mega, S14)