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S13 Toolbox, 13 drawers

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The S13 is the go-to solution for heavy duty professionals. A large toolbox with a unique and functional design, equipped with 13 drawers and a wooden workbench on top. This toolbox is a real eye-catcher and can truly change the appearance of your workplace. The most complete S13 in our range has 540-PCS of equipment and offers plenty of additional storage capacity to further extend the tools selection to your preference.


S13 Toolbox

Sonic's S13 combines the functionality of a workbench with tool storage and the Sonic Foam System. Seven drawers stack on the front the box and six more drawers are combined on the end. A wooden top provides space for tools, parts, and even repair. All drawers include roller ball-bearing slides and the S13 is covered by the Sonic Tools lifetime warranty.

  • 13 drawers: 9 shallow (22.6 x 14.6 x 2.5"); 2 deep (22.6 x 14.6 x 2.5"); 2 small (5.8 x 14.6 x 2.5")
  • Total storage = 11,477 cubic inches 
  • All drawers are 100% retractable and the included keys lock and unlock all drawers for security.
  • Includes a steel side handle to increase mobility 
  • Torsion resistant through profile construction at the 4 corners 
  • Power coating to add a tough, durable, and stylish exterior 
  • 4 rubber casters: 2 swivel casters with brake and 2 fixed
  • Comes with a solid wooden worktop
  • SFS Compatible: S(x3), M

Toolbox Features

Drawer Construction

Drawer Construction

All drawers are built from 1 piece of steel with structural ribs added for rigidity. Each drawer is affixed with ball bearing slides and are fully extendable exposing 100% of the drawer's content.

Anti-tilt drawers


Featuring an Anti-tilt mechanism to allow for only 1 drawer to be open at any given time, reducing the possibility of unbalanced weight and tipping. When one drawer is open, all other drawers are locked.

Quality construction

Fit, Finish and Construction

All Sonic toolboxes feature a one-piece steel construction. This maximizes strength and rigidity.

Specs & downloads


  • Medium Drawers: 11
  • Weight: 397lbs
  • Height: 38.3"
  • Width: 48"
  • Depth: 29"


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S13 Toolbox, 13 drawers
S13 Toolbox, 13 drawers