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Manufacturing Toolset - Advanced, 1183-PCS

SKU: 1181MK

Product Overview:

$18,232.00 - $27,605.00


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Take the largest toolset that Sonic offers and add SAE tools. That's what you get with the 1183-piece toolset. It's all here, including torque wrenches, hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers, nut-drivers, T-Handles, SAE socket and wrenches and more. All the great sockets and ratchets made from tough Chrome Vanadium steel to last a lifetime, and even impact sockets and protected wheel sockets built to withstand the extreme forces of impact wrenches. It's all here and backed by the Sonic tools lifetime warranty.


Upgrade your assembly line precision with our 1183-Piece Advanced Manufacturing Tool Set. Designed in collaboration with industry experts, this collection caters to the unique demands of modern manufacturing processes.


  • Comprehensive Range: A perfect blend of Metric and SAE tools tailored for diverse manufacturing tasks.
  • Precision Storage: The CNC machined Sonic Foam System assures an organized, secure workspace, streamlining your lean manufacturing processes.
  • Distinct Identification: Each tool boasts a serialized tool ID laser-etched for effortless inventory control. Custom etching available upon request.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Our commitment to quality is backed by a hassle-free lifetime warranty, ensuring long-term dependability on the production floor.

Empower your manufacturing efficiency and accuracy with a toolkit designed for the rigors of assembly line performance.

What’s Included

Socket Set 1/4
SAE Socket Set 1/4" 3/8" 1/2", 121-PCS - MEDIUM SFS

SKU: 312102

In this toolset are 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ SAE sockets that range from 3/8″ all the way up to 1-1/4″. This set also includes shallow and deep-well sockets and crows feet. Sonic Sockets are made from Chrome Vanadium steel while socket bits are made hardened tool steel. Also included in this 121-piece set are SAE Hex bits from 3/16″ to 5/8″, and you get a 10-piece Hex-key set that includes sizes from 1/16″ to 3/8″.


SAE wrench set
SAE Wrench Set, 40-PCS - MEDIUM SFS

SKU: 604010

Complete your tool set with this Sonic 40-piece SAE wrench set. Sonic wrenches are made from Chrome-Vanadium steel for durability with excellent resistance to the elements and chemicals. This kit includes standard combination wrenches from 1/4″ to 15/16″ and double open-end wrenches from 1/4″ to 1-1/4″. Also included are Flare Nut wrenches in 1/4″ to 11/16″, 45-degree Offset Ring wrenches from 1/4″ to 1″, and ratcheting wrenches from 3/8″ to 3/4″.

sae impact set
SAE Impact Socket Set, 62-PCS - MEDIUM SFS

SKU: 306403

This socket set is for all those tough to loosen bolts. Sonic’s Impact Sockets are made from CR440 steel, offering excellent impact-resistance while still combatting the elements with its stainless properties. Included in this Medium toolset are 3/8 and 1/2″ 6pt. SAE impact sockets in shallow and deep.

Hex Ball Grip Key Set, 18-PCS - MEDIUM SFS

SKU: 601806

Our Ball Grip tools offer a combination of a T-handle and L-handled tool. You get the long-reach of the T-handle and the short L-handle for more torque to fasteners. Elliptical shaped ergonomic handles are made from chemical resistant plastic with a rubber overmold and highlighted with the embedded Sonic logo. This 18-piece set includes Torx (T8-T45) and Hex Key (2.5mm-10mm) Ball Grip tools.

socket screwdriver set
Socket Screwdriver & T-Grip Set, 18-PCS - MEDIUM SFS

SKU: 601807

Sharing handles from the Sonic Screwdrivers, the Sonic Nut Drivers include ergonomic tri-lobe plastic handles with a rubber overmold for comfort and grip. Chrome Vanadium shafts ensure durability for years of use. Nut drivers in this 18-piece set run from 6mm to 13mm, and you also get the 6, 7, and 8mm Flexible Shaft Nut Drivers.

plier and cutting set
Pliers & Cutting Set, 34-PCS - XD SFS

SKU: 603402

With this kit, your opportunities, profitabilities, and efficiency will grow. This Sonic 34-piece set if full of specialty tools. Clamp off vacuum and fuel lines safely with the included plastic clamping jaws in 3 different sizes. A crimping tools with multiple exchangeable crimping jaws makes any automotive electrical job much more feasible. A set of automatic wire strippers removes insulation without effort or thinking. Multiple pliers, snap-ring pliers, adjustable pliers, and even locking pliers will make many jobs much easier. Also included in the kit is an electronic brake fluid tester, a flexible magnet, and even left and right metal snips.

socket and torque wrench set
Metric Socket Set 1/2", 149-PCS - XD SFS

SKU: 314901

This is the ultimate 1/2″ socket and ratchet set. First off, this Sonic 149-piece kit includes a 60-300 ft-lbs (80-400NM) 1/2″ Torque Wrench. Don’t mistake this with the smaller 150 ft-lbs tool. This gift keeps on giving with three 1/2″ ratchets in Quick Release, flex-head, and swivel-head designs. Also included are two 1/2″ breaker-bars. Multiple extensions, universal-joint, and adapters extend the possibilities of this set. In addition to the plethora of shallow and deep-well sockets, this set also has a slew of specialty bits like Torx, Spline, Hex, and E-torx, just to name a few. Finally, 4 different wheel sockets include a synthetic sleeve for protecting expensive wheels.

Metric Socket Set 3/8", 218-PCS - XD SFS

SKU: 221801

Have you ever wondered what they perfect tool drawer would look like, you may be looking at it. This Sonic 218-piece tool set carries a vast array of sockets, bits, ratchets, and accessories to cover a multitude of jobs.

wrench set
Metric Wrench Set, 72-PCS - XD SFS

SKU: 607201

Wrenches, wrenches, and more wrenches in this 72-piece Sonic wrench set. From stubbies to ratcheting and flare, this set has you covered. Twelve reversible ratcheting wrenches cover sizes from 8mm to 19mm and the reversing lever allows you to change directions without taking the wrench off the fastener. You also get E-torx ratcheting wrenches from E6 to E24, along with regular E-torx double-end wrenches. Sonic Tools wrenches are made from tough Chrome-Vanadium steel for durability and resistance to the elements and chemicals.

Metric Impact Socket Set 1/2", 69-PCS - MEDIUM SFS

SKU: 306901

Sonic Tools Impact Sockets are made from CR440 steel, offering excellent impact resistance while still combatting the elements with its stainless properties. This whole set is meant for your 1/2″ impact wrench and 1/2″ ratchet. These 1/2″ deep-well impact-rated sockets cover everything from 10mm to 38mm. There’s even Sonic Wheel Sockets with a protective sheath in 15, 17, 19, 21, and 22mm. This 69-piece set has Hex-key bits in 14, 17, and 19mm for tough-to-loosen fasteners. These are the 3-inch, 5-inch, and 10-inch 1/2″ drive extensions.

1/2 Bit socket set
Metric Bit Socket Set 1/2", 64-PCS - MEDIUM SFS

SKU: 306402

This 64-piece 1/2″ Socket Bit set is one those that are a must for your toolbox. These bits include the standard Hex and Torx bits and special bits like TamperProof Torx, Ribe Bits, Splines, and even Alternator Bit Sockets in M10x110L and T50x110L. The body of the sockets are made with Chrome Vanadium polished to a satin finish, while the bits are hardened tool steel to hold up to the stress.

sonic screwdriver set
Screwdriver Set, 45-PCS - XD SFS

SKU: 604501

Get all your drivers, including extra-long Torx drivers in this Sonic 45-piece tray. Sonic Screwdrivers include ergonomic tri-lobe plastic handles with a rubber overmold for comfort and grip. Chrome Vanadium shafts ensure durability for years of use, and a hardened magnetic tip offers maximum gripping power. In addition to the multitude of screwdrivers are the scrapers, door clip tools, hooks, and various other pry tools with the same driver handles. Seven extra-long Torx drivers are included from T15 up to T45.

Metric Socket Set 1/4", 167-PCS - MEDIUM SFS

SKU: 116701

Get all your 1/4″ Ratchet and Socket needs in this 167-piece set. Sonic Ratchets are made from Chrome Vanadium steel polished to a satin finish, while the handles have a comfortable and ergonomic round rubber handle. Sockets are also made from Chrome Vanadium, and bits are made from hardened tool steel. The set includes Ratchets and Sockets with a 1/4″ drive size and a 1/4″ torque wrench.

chisel hammer set
Hammer & Chisel Set, 20-PCS - MEDIUM SFS

SKU: 602010

Our Sonic Hammer and Chisel set includes quality materials for the hard work. The hammers have Italian-made hickory handles with natural shock-absorbing action. Machined faces offer precision dead-blow striking movement. Two synthetic-headed hammers provide sufficient force without marring softer surfaces such as aluminum. Chisels and punches are made from precision tool steel, and CNC machined for accuracy. Foam rubber handles are chemical resistant, and a synthetic cap ring protects your hand from misaligned strikes. Various sizes and shapes ensure you have the right chisel for the job.

sonic screwdriver set
Screwdriver Set, 18-PCS - MEDIUM SFS

SKU: 601808

Sonic Screwdrivers include ergonomic tri-lobe plastic handles with a rubber overmold for comfort and grip. Chrome Vanadium shafts ensure duarability for years of use, and a hardened tip offers maximum gripping power. You get a Phillips 1 and 2 as well as Slotted 5.5, 6.5, and 8mm. Additionally, this set includes extra-long 18-inch #2 Phillips and 6.5mm Slotted screwdrivers. Also, 8″ and 12″ prybars are included, as well as assorted hooks and picks.

sonic utility tool set
Utility Set, 44-PCS - MEDIUM SFS

SKU: 604402

There’s several tools in here that will save your day, or even your week. While files and a hacksaw may seem routine, having it within reach is the real luxury. A 9-inch vernier caliper and a tire-tread depth-gauge deliver real measurements for informed decisions. Adjust valves are no problem with the 26-piece feeler gauge and a stainless-steel protractor will help you determine the right angle. Sonic rounds out this 44-piece set with a 5-meter measuring tape.

wrench set
Metric Wrench Set, 50-PCS - MEDIUM SFS

SKU: 605001

The Sonic Tools 50-piece wrench set offers a ton of flexibility with seven different types of wrench sets in this one kit. Double ended Flare Nut wrenches include one stationary end and one flexible end in sizes from 8mm to 12mm. Hinged Socket and Hinged E-Torx wrenches offer the benefits of a socket with a different size on each end. Extra long combination wrenches offer an open-end and a box-end for access to just about any fastener. Finishing the kit is a set of Double Box-end wrenches, a 9-piece Torx-key set, and a 10-pc Hex-key set. All Sonic Tools wrenches are made from Chrome-Vanadium steel that offers a lifetime of durability and resistance to weather and chemicals

Toolset Features

Drawer Construction

Professional Quality

Our toolboxes, tools, and Sonic Foam are all precision engineered to the highest quality, meeting or exceeding all DIN and ASE standards. Our products are built to stand up to any task.

Sonic Foam System

Inventory Control

Each tool in the set is shadowed in CNC machined EVA foam, and includes an inventory control book that makes our Inventory Control System unrivaled in the industry.

Warranty Badge

Lifetime Warranty

We’re proud of the products we make, and honor that by offering you a lifetime warranty. We offer a hassle-free experience and ship directly to you.


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Manufacturing Toolset - Advanced, 1183-PCS
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