Sonic Pathway Program

The Sonic Pathway Program introduces an innovative way to allow affordable growth of a technician's tools matched with their skill level. Our market expertise and technical partnerships have allowed us to build the ultimate solution for each industry and skill level.

The Sonic Pathway Program introduces an innovative way to allow affordable growth of a technician's tools. We provide solutions tailored to technicians at every level of their career.

How it works

Choose Your Set

No matter the task at hand, we have the toolsets to match your skill and area of expertise. The Sonic Pathway Program was created as a system to ensure technicians are equipped with the proper tools needed throughout their career. Start with basic, intermediate, or advanced toolset and expand your tools to match your skill level.

Add As You Grow

The Sonic Pathway Program was designed to be added onto over time, creating a more comprehensive sets that are fully organized with the Sonic Inventory System. Progressing with the Sonic Pathway Program throughout your career leads to uniform tool sets with less miscellaneous tools. The basic set includes everything a technician would need for more beginner task and is designed to grow over time with intermediate and advanced add-on sets.

Purchase with confidence

Our sets are built by technicians, for technicians. Our market and technical partnerships have allowed us to build the ultimate solution for each skill level. Rest assured knowing that you have the right tools, backed by a lifetime warranty and hassle-free replacement.


Recruiting & Retention

By utilizing a philosophy of onboarding technicians with tools, it allows for growth opportunities and the career advancements your employees are looking for.

Cost Savings

Our inventory control system provides a transparent environment for the most efficient technicians. More efficient techs = more efficient operations.

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Increase Your Bottom Line

Whether you're supplying your own tools, or an employer is, increase the money in your pocket by reducing unnecessary debt.

Increase Efficiency

Increase your efficiency by working with the Sonic Inventory Control System. Retrieve tools faster, reduce the risk of misplaced tools, and take inventory of your set quicker.


Ideal for techs starting their career. New technicians get a robust toolset to start their career and pathway to grow as they move up.


For technicians that need a more comprehensive set of tools, our intermediate sets are available as add-ons to the basic set or individually.


As techs gain experience, they'll need more complex tools. Our Advanced kit is perfect for technicians needing a more comprehensive tool kit.

Solutions That Enable Techs To Earn, Not Owe

Sonic promotes technician growth by offering affordable solutions that match their skill level.

Tool Set Configuration Avg. Annual Salary" Sonic Tools Competition** Sonic Advantage
1-2 years experience
$40,000 $3,200 $7,000 New Techs recieve a robust tool set to kickstart their career without an unbearable amount of debt.
3-5 years experience
$47,000 $1,300 $5,500 Sonic offers cost-effective upgrades as skills are built.
5-7 years experience
$55,000 $3,500 $11,000 As technicians hit their professional stride, they need more advanced tools to tackle more difficult projects and are rewarded by higher pay.
Net Investment Required   $8,000 $23,500 The right tools, at the right time maximizes tech ROI at a fraction of the cost.

*source: 2020 median salary data for U.S. automotive technicians. | **Competitors do not offer scaled sets. Costs based on custom assortments.

Improve Recruiting Hire for talent, not tools
Reduce Turnover Plan for career growth
Increase Efficiency 20% more efficient with Sonic
I have a dual responsibility to my technicians and their growth, and to our dealerships and company, Sonic has met the needs of both of those responsibilites.
Chris Barthel
VP Fixed Ops - The Car Group
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