Inventory Control System

Our Inventory Control System features organization for all tools as well as laser etching/serialization for identifying the assigned owner of each tool. Accompanying each toolset is an inventory control book for easy logging of tool inventory at the end of a job, shift, or week, creating unmatched efficiency.

Our Inventory Control System helps technicians stay organized and work efficiently. Featuring shadowed foam tool inlays, custom laser etching/serialization, and an inventory control binder.

Sonic Foam

Get Organized - With Sonic Foam, all tools are stored in shadowed CNC machined foam inlays. This system is designed to maximize your tool storage while staying organized.

What is it?

Sonic foam is built from an EVA material that's durable, highly resistant to chemicals, and is precision machined for each tool's location. Each tool has a screen-printed location marker making it easy to find each tool and return to the proper place.

Who's using it

Organizations looking to increase positive tool control, FOD prevention, create lean manufacturing processes, as well as techs looking to work more efficiently. Sonic Foam is the go-to solution for operating lean tool storage.

Time Study

The Sonic Foam System has been tested in an independent time study proving its' efficiency. The time study showed that when using our foam tool sets a technician can take inventory of their toolbox 78% faster, reduce misplaced tools by 80%, and retrieve and return tools 20% faster. Read the full-time study HERE.

Laser Etching

Stand out - serializing your tools to match an individual owner provides an additional level of personalization, accountability, and identification to keep track of YOUR tools.

What is it?

We use high powered fiber optic lasers to etch the metal creating a permanent marking on each tool. Adding this to your toolset provides accountability measures, and also adds an additional layer of efficiency for retrieval and return of tools.

Who's using it

While highly adopted in the aviation and manufacturing industry, we offer this service to all customers. Our product is highly distributed in all industries, as it allows for an extra level of serialization to each toolset on the floor for identification.

Inventory Binder

Work Efficient - Know where all your tools are at the end of the day and do it faster. With a control log for each toolset combined in a binder built for your specific set, you can now sign off on completed inventory.

What is it?

Our inventory control binder is built to be the control log of the toolbox. Included with every complete toolbox and toolset, this logbook marks the location of every tool and gives you the Sonic part # associated. Featured in the front of every inventory control binder is an aluminum badge with QR code that can be affixed to your toolbox. Scanning this badge initiates the warranty and replacement process.
When you have a multiuse space, holding everyone accountable to put things back is important. You can have the most expensive tools, but if they get lost what's the point?
Evan Yarnell
Owner - Solid Performance